Welcome to the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development (CESED) of the School of Business, University of Cape Coast. The core mandate of CESED is to promote entrepreneurship education, business incubation, and entrepreneurship research for socio-economic advancement of Ghana, its citizenry, and allied economies. Driven by the core values of service, proactiveness, innovation and excellence, CESED pursues its mandate through collaboration with key stakeholders in and outside Ghana. The Centre works closely with some local entities, such as the Ghana Chamber of Commerce, and international entities, such as the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (BRSU), to promote university-industry linkages and the development of entrepreneurs and enterprises in Ghana.

The Centre offers a number of undergraduate courses, postgraduate programmes and short courses in Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development. Our students have the rare opportunity to undergo practice-oriented training, be well- nurtured to meet the expectations of employers, start their own businesses through support from the University of Cape Coast Business Incubator (UCCBI), and be equipped with the requisite competencies to promote Entrepreneurship in their respective areas of specialisation.

We continue to reach out to potential partners while we extend a special invitation to prospective students, entrepreneurs, business executives, government and non-governmental agencies, the local community, corporate world, charities and international bodies, to work with us in our diverse fields of endeavour. Come share in the exciting and fulfilling agenda of promoting Entrepreneurship for socio-economic development.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development (CESED) was created on 1st September, 2014 to fulfill the strategic mandate of the University of Cape Coast, to vigorously promote research, teaching and outreach that will position the University as a centre of excellence. The creation of CESED marked the consolidation of efforts by the School of Business, of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), in the promotion of Entrepreneurship teaching, research and practice, which began in the School in the 2004/2005 academic year.

The Centre runs academic programmes and courses aimed at equipping students with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills critical to the success of today’s learning organisation. It also collaborates with relevant stakeholders in promoting the establishment of growth-oriented enterprises, particularly by graduates, while supporting the growth and survival of existing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Moreover, CESED commits to contribute to national and international discourse on Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development as well as the formulation of entrepreneurship policies for national development.


To be a global leader in stimulating and championing entrepreneurial thinking and action


To develop and support entrepreneurial thinking and practice through education, training and research
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The core values of CESED are:

  • Service: We strive, at all times, to deliver on our promises.
  • Innovation: We provide creative solutions to societal needs.
  • Proactiveness: We are prepared to confront emerging challenges.
  • Results-driven: We strive for results that manifest in the well-being of our stakeholders.
  • Excellence: Our passion is to deliver the best at all times.

Prospective students
Are you looking for an exciting and fulfilling place to pursue your education in Entrepreneurship? CESED is the right place. At CESED, we believe every individual has the potential to excel so long as the right conditions are created. Through practice-oriented teaching and learning, spearheaded by our experienced, friendly and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff, we offer our cherished students quality education that is second to none in Ghana.

Students have the rare opportunity to be placed on attachment with our coveted industry partners, start their own businesses with support from the University of Cape Coast Business Incubator (UCCBI) and receive quality education to excel in their diverse fields of work.

CESED pursues its vision and mission through closer collaboration with stakeholders in the private, public and third sectors of the Ghanaian economy, as well as in partnership with international organisations. CESED acknowledges the role of the entrepreneurial university in the knowledge-based economy and executes its mandate on the pillars of partnerships in fulfillment of the mission of UCC, to become the University of Choice that produces entrepreneurial graduates to meet national and international human resource needs. The activities of the Centre are driven by a strong network of professional researchers, Entrepreneurship scholars and practitioners. CESED has, since its establishment, embarked upon a number of national and international collaborative projects. Notable among them are the Graduate Enterprise Development Initiative (GEDI) and the Platform for the Development of Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (BRSU-UoN-UCC) project.